C1 – Art & My Life

Art 110 has impacted my life in more ways than one. To be honest, I learned more meaningful information than I thought I would taking this course. I learned mostly about myself, but with the help and concepts of art. A lot of this information was up for my own interpretation, and it helped me tremendously in a time when I was searching for a new part of myself.

I learned that the impact art has on one’s life is inevitable and different for everyone. We all experience art differently. A lot of the artists I talked with each week for my artist conversations were trying to explore different themes/ideas and they all had their own unique way of showing it. They knew what message they were trying to send to their audience and did the best they could to portray it in non-verbal words. I was inspired by the work I saw each week in the galleries. I think it is amazing that students get to show off their work like that on campus. There are so many artists who have yet to explore the extent of their talents. I believe anyone can create art and that is what makes it so beautiful.

I know I was better able to express the ideas my mind created when I did each of the art experiences. It was enjoyable for me to test my artistic limits while also engaging in different activities such as, plaster casting, writing graffiti, finger painting, etc. Art has always been something I have enjoyed making and looking at, but this semester showed me new ways to make art and appreciate it more intensely. The work artists put into their masterpieces does not go unnoticed to me. I cannot wait to keep working on new art projects in my free time. The things I can create when I dedicate my time to a project excite me. I love being able to make things that you can call your own.

Not only do I plan to make art in different forms, but I would also like to invest more time into attending museum’s or small galleries like the ones at school. I want to appreciate more people’s work because they take the effort out of their time to make something that they want others and themselves to be proud of. Though things may not always come out how you want them to or how you intend, there is always another way with art. You can start over, erase, go over, redo, or just go with the mistake. Maybe you’ll realize it wasn’t really a mistake after all. It can definitely be tedious and annoying to try to perfect something, but once you get that thing right, it is so worth it. I guess that is where the phrase “never give up” comes into play.

So though I plan to incorporate art into more of the hobby aspect of my life, I can also see places in the career aspect where it might help me out as well. I am currently on the path to get my degree in Health Science. After I get my BS I would like to attend a Master’s program to become a physician’s assistant. It may not seem like art can be incorporated in the medical field and such careers, but that is far from the case. I think if I was a PA, I would need to have skills like being able to draw out body parts to explain to my patients what exactly is going on with their body. It would make it a lot easier for them to understand the concepts if I explain them while I draw them out. This is how I would express myself to my patient. Depending on the patients I work with, I could also create something for them in order to make them happy and more hopeful, rather than being a completely dull PA. Since I want to help people, I might as well go the extra mile, mostly because I enjoy both seeing people happy and making art. I think these two things might contribute to who I am supposed to be the most. Art is precious. We need to create more of it. In all forms. It truly speaks to people and allows them to show their stance on something that is not just told by word of mouth.

B8 -Art Experience – Environmental Portraits

In this photo, I was going for something that I feel encompasses me. I like to write and work on projects in places that are not too distracting and are beautiful to me. I have a lot of time to think clearly when I am outdoors so I thought this would represent me in my element. Writing is something I have always enjoyed. I think I did a good job of depicting what I wanted to display of myself. Next time, I might choose a different background, maybe one indoors. (The real photo looks super clear, I am not sure why it looks blurry when I post them on here. Sorry about that.)

B7 – Art Experience – Drinking & Drawing

I really enjoyed drawing these sketches because I like to draw, but have not found the time to recently. I absolutely believe that if I practiced for 100 or 1,000 hours I would get better. Practice does not always make perfect, but it can get you close. I am majoring in Health Science. I think simple sketches of things related to health for presentations could be helpful, but I can’t imagine sketches being good for more than that.

B5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

Graffiti writing is crazy! I had a hard time sketching out the ideas for how I wanted the whole thing to look. I must have drawn it out at least 10 or more times. Until finally I saw the vision of this. I quickly started outlining the letters with the spray paint. But I struggled with it a little. A practice trial was necessary for me, a beginner at tagging. I did a lot better the second time around. Overall, I am happy with how my name turned out and would like to continue getting better at graffiti.
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